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  • Once Upon A Summer In Chicago

    In 2005 I was turning 26. The prior few years I had been meandering through life. Before the year began my summer in Chicago was planned & paid. Life changing. It was a Nee Year. It was my late coming of age summer.  

  • Improv Now #2

    I have been very open about this to many people, friends mostly. Therefore, it might seem odd to others who perhaps used to see me around a lot and always on stage. I developed a strong sense of anxiety about improv. Not the performance aspect, but of the chains I wrapped around me to keep…

  • Crafty Nuisance has Gone Public

    Crafty Nuisance has Gone Public

    My very first sketch class that I instructed. It was scary, exciting and rewarding – it took a long time to get these projects complete. But here they are now. ENJOY!  

  • Hot Mess Onto The Next Thing

    Over the course of the last couple weeks – everyday Hot Mess gave you a taste of a few ladies: The Designer, The Sisters, The Tough One, The Strange One and The Thinker. We definitely enjoyed creating, exploring those characters and sharing our inspired improvisations off of welcomed questions from our Facebook followers. The first…

  • Camp Imrov Utopia

    Let me take you back to April of 2010. I was deep into Phoenix Improv Festival hospitality management – making sure that all our visiting troupes were checked into the Holiday Inn Express downtown. I had just said hello to my one of my favorite visiting improvisors Nick Armstrong in the hallway just beyond the…

  • Opening to Untitled

    Vivian Cannonade lingers in the shadows outside the wharehouse waiting for Dominic Vasquez to leave for the night. Vivian: Nic Dominic: Viv Vivian: Suprised to see me? Dominic: Well, I can’t see you, but it is surprising to feel the barrel of a gun in my back. Vivian: Are you trying to be funny Nic?…

  • Introducing The Hot Mess

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