I offer:

  • private coaching to improvisors and ensembles
    • I can workout individual blocks and exercise muscles for more confident performances and applications.
    • I can build individual skills while strengthening the identity and unity of the group as it relates to your performance goals.
  • Team Building workshops to organizations
    • I can create a fantastic shared experience using improvisational exercises that build on the “yes, and” attitude of positive communication skills. Especially where applicable to collaboration.
  • Leadership workshops to professionals
    • Using improvisational exercises, business professionals can get a number of takeaways from the application on communication. Positive support, acceptance and active listening are strong skill sets that apply to successful  leadership. Other values are confidence in public speaking and celebrating your personality.
  • Outreach workshops to non-profits
    • Improvisation has a number of positive affects and I love to give back.


I have worked with improvisors and troupes in the Torch Community, Arizona Actors Academy and ImprovMANIA. I have provided applied improvisational workshops to a number of businesses and outreach programs. I started teaching in 2007, coaching in 2010 and facilitating applied improvisational workshops in 2012. See my bios.

Please contact me for further information regarding my rates.


“Thank you Jacque!  While most of the team were initially worried about the workshop, they all came up later that night to say how great the session was, how much they enjoyed it, and how they can apply it to work.  Great job to you, Liz & Amy!”Kim McNealy, Mosaic, 2022

“Jaque, Thanks again for the class, which was really excellent. There were so many things in it that I will put to use in all my improv, not least the position play straight/absurd scenes. You did a great job and it was so much fun. Thanks again!!!”Gerry Morgan, Deconstruction Student

“Jacque Arend is a marvelous improv teacher. She sets high standards for students and her attention to detail guides them to transcend their limits. Jacque prides herself on teaching students listening and reacting. Whether she is teaching, or on stage, Jacque shines at improv.” – Xchel Hernandez

“She has great depth of knowledge about the art of improv. She challenges you to explore things in new ways. Great enthusiasm and creates a safe space for learning. She goes straight into the excersises. Gives great feedback and able to draw upon strengths. ” – Various Students

“Jacque is one of my favotire instructors. She is always available to talk and is very supportive. She clearly wants her students to succeed and it shows.” – Advanced Format Student

“Jacque, thank you so much for today! It was a huge success and everyone loved it. I feel like it definitely opened up a few people that would’ve never done something like that. I can tell you love your job, so that made it easier for all of us.”Liftable Media, 2017

“Thank you Jacque! It was a lot of fun, and I heard people discussing afterward how applicable the concept of “yes, and” instead of “yes, but” will be on the phone. Plus it was a great teambuilder.”Longboard Asset Management – Cold Call Sales Team, 2016

“I just wanted to send a thank you from our team to you for our workshop. We had such a great time and we talked about it well into the next day. …. Your energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge for the craft was second to none. We appreciate the time you spent with us and all the lessons we went over were so relatable to our daily work. Thanks for spreading presentness, connection, and laughter into the world.” WebPT, April 2017

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