Jacque Arend

Jacque Arend Actor

Jacque grew up in theater and performance. She went into college as a film major. Moving to Phoenix in 1999 she continued film studies as well as theater at SCC. She started a dedicated focus in improvisation and comedy in 2005. She had a three year run in Bloody Mary Christmas playing an original character from 2010-20I2. In 2016 Jacque started focusing on dramatic work at Arizona Actors Academy. She was cast as the lead in TheaterWorks’ Red Velvet Cake War in 2018. She was cast in six student films in 2019, two lead roles and four supporting roles. Jacque has done a series of teleprompter segments for online classes through Arizona State University. She has also produced her own web content with a comedy trio called Hot Mess.

Jacque Arend Improvisor

Jacque Arend started improvising in 2005 and never turned back. Her first dose of education came from IO Chicago’s summer intensive. She co-founded Phoenix’s Torch Theatre in 2007. There she was an original operations board member, one of the engineers of the six level training program, as well as the organization’s artistic mission and vision. She began as an improv instructor in 2007. She is a regular performer at the Torch and at Second Beat Improv Theater. Jacque is a founding member of Light Rail Pirates (est 2006), a Torch house team that still performs today. She also performs regularly with MuChuChu, JaxN Reed, Birds & Broads and Skewed News Hour at Second Beat. Jacque has played on Mainstage of the Phoenix Improv Festival for the last 11 years. Recently she has performed in the 2016 District Improv Festival, 2017 Del Close Marathon and three years at the San Diego Improv Festival 2016-2018.

Jacque Arend Instructor

Jacque Arend started improvising in 2005 by attending the iO Chicago Summer Intensive. She co-founded The Torch Theatre (Phoenix, Arizona) in 2007 and was a collaborator on their training program along with the organization’s artistic mission and vision. Her focuses include applied improvisation, ensemble performance, grounded scene work, advanced formats, as well as various workshop focuses including Deconstruction and dramatic improvisation. Jacque was the administrator for The Torch Theatre’s Training Center from 2007-2019 and lead instructor for their Corporate Team Building program from 2012-2019. Jacque is currently the main instructor for the improv/comedy programs for actors at Arizona Actors Academy, building her own program in 2013. She is the registration coordinator for Camp Improv Utopia and was an elective instructor at Camp East in 2017 & 2018 and a Master Instructor in 2019. Jacque also offers coaching and has coached a number of groups in Phoenix to improve specific focuses, help build strong ensemble and overall improvement to create more interesting performances. She is a regular performer with a handful of ongoing troupes, such as Light Rail Pirates, JaxN Reed, Birds & Broads, MuChuChu and Skewed News Hour. Jacque has played on main stage of the Phoenix Improv Festival for the last eleven years. Recently she has performed at the 2016 District Improv Festival, 2017 Del Close Marathon and appeared at the San Diego Improv Festival from 2015-2018. She has brought her workshops to the District & San Diego Fest.

Jacque Arend Team Building & Corporate Training

Jacque Arend has been an improvisational instructor since 2007 and specifically using applied improvisation for team building and strong leadership skills since 2012. She has custom built workshops for various groups from corporations to outreach programs. Some of her recent workshops have been with the ASU Leadership Academy, the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at ASUthe President of ASU’s Staff, Federal Bureau of Investigation, City of Phoenix, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, Aetna, American Express, Foundation for Blind Children and Cape Girl League. Jacque led the Torch Theatre’s corporate training department until 2019 and now offers her expertise through Arizona Actors Academy and Second Beat Improv. Most recently Jacque partnered with Dr. Howard Silverman to build Play with Purpose a focus of using Clinical Improv to benefit medical professionals and their patients.

Jacque Arend Administrator

Jacque Arend was acting as the training center’s administrator and daily operation manager of the Torch Theatre from the very beginning and continued those duties until 2019. As a co-founder of the non-profit organization in 2007, she was also one of the architects of the curriculum along with building both the team building (2012) and youth programming (2014). She was an active board member until 2016, fostering the growth of the organization and it’s community. In 2013 Jacque became the improvisation instructor within the program at Arizona Actors Academy, offering ongoing improv for actors along with focuses in auditioning and sketch. She joined the staff in 2015 as the administrator of their program. That year Jacque also became the registration coordinator for Camp Improv Utopia. She has incredible organization skills and has volunteered from 2012 to 2018 as the Phoenix Improv Festival’s Managing Director. Jacque has built tools and systems to manage data for her organizations and has proficient skills to maintain as well as build websites and forms specifically in wordpress. She has handled invoicing, billing, registration and volunteer coordinating. She has also produced a number of events, performances and managed theater operations. Recently Jacque became an administrative assistant and member of the grants team at Arizona Foodbank Network.

Jacque Arend Hobbist & Collector

Travel. Adventure. History. I love the idea of craft brewing & distilling. I collect pressed pennies, brothel coins and monument/attraction tokens. I collect buttons. I love books. Architecture. Magazines. Music. Dancing. etc, etc, etc… drawing. Writing! Comedy, film. Fun! Always be having fun.

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