Opening to Untitled

Vivian Cannonade lingers in the shadows outside the wharehouse waiting for Dominic Vasquez to leave for the night.

Vivian: Nic

Dominic: Viv

Vivian: Suprised to see me?

Dominic: Well, I can’t see you, but it is surprising to feel the barrel of a gun in my back.

Vivian: Are you trying to be funny Nic?

Dominic: Viv you’ve always had a sense of humor.

Vivian: There’s nothing funny about betrayal.

(fade to black)

Overheard: Dominic Vasquez commonly referred to as “Nic” was found dead in his home last night. He was know as the “Boss” of the lower east side and had his hand in the great massacre of Ridge Way Roadhouse.

Vivian is sitting in the office of her father’s house when Dr. McGovern enters.

Dr. McGovern: Hey Viv

Vivian: Doc! Scotty, get the Doc whatever he wants.

Dr. McGovern gives a nod and Scotty makes him a drink.

Dr. McGovern: Dominic’s all over the news Viv.

Vivian: Yeah, I noticed.

Dr. McGovern: People are gonna start asking questions.

Vivian: Let them ask.

Dr. McGovern: Vivian, I know it wasn’t easy being your father’s child

Vivian: He wanted boys.

Dr. McGovern: I know

(pause) Whatever, I am who I am because of that.

Dr. McGovern: He never asked for his fate.

Vivian: Doc. I know all of this. I know how he got where he was. His fate was decided for him, and like a lost soul he accepted that. My fate’s been decided now, and like my father I accept that.”

Dr. McGovern: Your father was never happy.

Vivian: Doc, forgive me if I seem insulted, but I left this bloody place because I couldn’t watch him any longer do the thing that made him most unhappy. I’m here to make it right. I have chose to do what I despise so I’ll have the freedom to do what my father could not.

Dr. McGovern: Vivian. I think your in over your head honey.

Vivian: Doc, do you really think I’m in over my head, or are you just saying that because I’m a girl and girl’s shouldn’t be doing the kind of things I’m going to be doing?

Dr. McGovern: I – you’re father, we always wanted better for you.

Vivian: You are the one’s that made me who I am. You’re the reason I am capable. If you really wanted better for me, you would’ve made the choice I am making now.

Dr. McGovern: Viv, don’t blame us. We needed the money. Then it got complicated.

Vivian: Doc, if didn’t get complicated, you got greedy. Both of you.

Dr. McGovern: Vivian, turning around all the coruption within a family. . . it’s nearly impossible.

Vivian: Oh it’s possible, although I imagine, very bloody.

Dr. McGovern: Have you got any help?

Vivian: This is my own battle. Don’t you worry about me Doc. You obviously weren’t worried about my father. By the look on your face I think you should spend your time worrying about yourself.

Dr. McGovern: I have power too Viv. Don’t you forget that.

Vivian: No one fears you Doc, otherwise you’d be dead already. – oh! by the way, remember that you came to me.

Dr. McGovern: Huh?

Vivian: Exactly, Scotty please see the Dr. out.

(end scene)


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