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  • Glad That You Were Birthed – Single

    Glad That You Were Birthed – Single

  • Get Off The Wall

    Get Off The Wall

    In improv – longform improv we play from the sidelines of the stage so that we can see more of the action – see the faces of the performers to be more informed & in-tune with the action, the world building. This is also an easy place to get comfortable, as an audience member instead…

  • Well… How Did I Get Here?

    Most of the things I use today have been self taught. My college education – gave me a dash of Statistics (one class early morning, I only remember because I disliked mornings in college) I remember doing things like calculating percentages of people who bought certain items in a grocery store, to establish demographics for…

  • The Year of Wee

    In 2019, I was texting my Dad on New Years Day “Happy New Year”. At the time I had my old iPhone SE the 6 in a 5’s body. Ya know how Apple like to do. I loved that phone, but texting was a total nightmare. Autocorrect had me saying all kinds of unintentional things,…

  • Don’t Mind Me

    Don’t Mind Me

    Don’t Mind Me by Jacqueline Arend There are moments where I can’t bear it. There is so much inside of me, so many different feelings, thoughts, ideas pulling and tugging at my being. Working through these moments are a blessing… so don’t mind me. A friend asked me recently if I’ve always been conscious, “woke”,…

  • Golly… Finding Your Identity

    … I struggle with this topic and my interest in sharing with people. On one end, I don’t think it should be a big deal, but on another, it’s been a part of me my entire life, never truly addressed. It’s about my identity. Truthfully, I did label myself recently, but shortly after, I thought…

  • For Your Consideration

    Soundtrack to your next 1980s cop movie. king-fonk-2020-04-15-09-02-11.m4a

  • My Beats

    Just getting started breath-breath-bang.m4a understood.m4a

  • The 2020 Post

    So it’s 2020 and another 10 years went by – In 1980 I turned 1. In 1990 I turned 11 and went into 6th grade. In 2000 I turned 21 and started my life in Arizona. In 2010 I turned 31 and was building an improv theater. In 2020, I will turn 41 this summer,…

  • Whatever Gets You There

    When I went to the Summer Intensive at iO Chicago in 2005, I had the pleasure of seeing TJ Jagodowski perform often. He was so electric and alive on stage in every choice he made, I walked away from that experience saying “I want to be as good as him.” This was an incredible motivator.…

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