Get Off The Wall

In improv – longform improv we play from the sidelines of the stage so that we can see more of the action – see the faces of the performers to be more informed & in-tune with the action, the world building. This is also an easy place to get comfortable, as an audience member instead of a participant.

I tell the story of how… at about 5 years into my improv journey I found myself very judgmental on the wall. I knew I was a good performer, I was consistent by this time however, I was always waiting for the stuff in the middle to inspire me, to engage me. & when it didn’t thrill me, I thought – “Oh, it’s just not great stuff” and so projecting judgement onto my teams. Not great, I know. I remember the moment when I came to on the sideline, against the wall, I was probably checking out, leaning into the wall, disengaging, when my inner self stood up and faced me and said “why don’t you do something about it, if you’re not interested in what’s happening, go in and put your finger on it, engage in it.” This began my path into more assertive play, more confident play.

Sitting here just now – some 10 years later. I was just struck by that feeling, as if my inner self just had the same conversation with me, except, its context is life itself. It’s time to get off the wall.

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