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  • Get Off The Wall

    Get Off The Wall

    In improv – longform improv we play from the sidelines of the stage so that we can see more of the action – see the faces of the performers to be more informed & in-tune with the action, the world building. This is also an easy place to get comfortable, as an audience member instead…

  • Well… How Did I Get Here?

    Most of the things I use today have been self taught. My college education – gave me a dash of Statistics (one class early morning, I only remember because I disliked mornings in college) I remember doing things like calculating percentages of people who bought certain items in a grocery store, to establish demographics for…

  • Old Intoxications

    transcribed from an old entry (circa 2014), from sloppy handwriting clearly representing my state of being It is a day… It was a day. No day unlike the other, at least, by way of any other. It was a good day because there was perspective & fear. Not forbidden fear. Attacking fear. Jumping in & finding air.…

  • Life is Magic

    Magic For someone who loves all of those synonyms, I certainly buy into how magical moments can be. I still work everyday to stay present, for that is the only way you’d really connect into the splendor of it. Ultimately, travel or any new experience is a fantastic way to live in the present and…

  • Mail Order Bride Is Special, here is why…

    We made seven calendars during our time together. These are some personal highlights from our second ever – for 2009, themed for the olympics.

  • Once Upon A Summer In Chicago

    In 2005 I was turning 26. The prior few years I had been meandering through life. Before the year began my summer in Chicago was planned & paid. Life changing. It was a Nee Year. It was my late coming of age summer.  

  • JaxN Reed

    Our good friend Mindy Keeling gave us a photo shoot at SDIF 2018 in the Beautiful Lafayette hotel back in February.

  • One Corner Of The World

    In a Brooklyn establishment. Picture taken Summer 2017.

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