Old Intoxications

transcribed from an old entry (circa 2014), from sloppy handwriting clearly representing my state of being

It is a day… It was a day. No day unlike the other, at least, by way of any other. It was a good day because there was perspective & fear. Not forbidden fear. Attacking fear. Jumping in & finding air. A breath. A breath of fun & laughter. Smiles that beamed so bright. A rainbow of opportunity and… and the ability to accept. Say Yes. Yes And… yes and arise… make a path… a path filled w/ gold. But not just gold, stars & moonbeams. Rivers that run wild w/ joy. – Two turtle doves in the moonlight. Only to know the wonder of sharing a moment. A special moment that screams passion. Passion is the word… it is the word! … the word that whispers… “today… was a good day”.

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