Well… How Did I Get Here?

Most of the things I use today have been self taught.

My college education – gave me a dash of

Statistics (one class early morning, I only remember because I disliked mornings in college) I remember doing things like calculating percentages of people who bought certain items in a grocery store, to establish demographics for supply and demand.

Psychology/Philosophy – both of which fed my introspective curiosity about humanity and our connection to a higher power, very existential, reality shifting stuff.

English classes I only took to fulfill requirements as I was not good at writing papers by some higher ed standards. Also, I always went for the high hanging fruit. In Psychology I tried to build a defense that people were connected by chemical attraction. The research was limiting and I think I got a C or something.

History? I have no recollection of taking history classes (ironic)

ALGEBRA – why?

Otherwise, I Focused on creative writing classes, scriptwriting, film/video, editing, Photography, Theater & acting classes.

Things I self taught myself…

Management skills, project, operations, et al…

Administrative skills, building systems for data management and operational continuity, consistency, sustainability, et al…

Graphic Design

Web Design


A friend told me I had diversified my income opportunities.

There is no purpose of this post. Except perspective. My own of course.

Welcome to my ongoing mid-life crisis.


Comments? Questions? Now’s your chance…

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