The Year of Wee

In 2019, I was texting my Dad on New Years Day “Happy New Year”. At the time I had my old iPhone SE the 6 in a 5’s body. Ya know how Apple like to do. I loved that phone, but texting was a total nightmare. Autocorrect had me saying all kinds of unintentional things, so I had previously turned that function off, choosing to deal with typos instead. So circle back, I texted “Happy Nee Year”, then to justify my mistake, as improvisors often do… I followed up with “it’s the ‘new’ new!” Being at my best friends house while this was happening, I shared with her my delightful typo and we collectively decided that “Happy Nee Year” was too fun, not to employ. And so 2019 became the “Year of Nee”. We decided that we wouldn’t define what “Nee” meant and let the year take shape, allowing Nee to become something meaningful over time. And by golly… Nee ended up meaning “No Expectations Ever” a perfect idea for a reset, a transition year, a year of discovery, and fearless adventure.

If you have a year of Nee, then there must be a subsequent year, I mean you can’t year of Nee every year…. so in 2020, after experiencing a perfect Year of Nee… the natural next step seemed “The Year of Mee.” Time for reflection, for grounding, rooting and growth to your potential self. I know… it’s a lot of hippy dippy stuff, but it works for me. I’m far too philosophical and curious in nature to not find my own sense of life. Ya know what…? 2020 was the craziest of times and functioned as a “Year of Mee” without permission… grounded by nature. Forced to reflect on what we’ve done. At least this is very true for me. A definite “Year of Mee.”

2021’s moniker was a conclusion of immense clarity, within no time upon the turn of the year… I labeled 2021 the “Year of Wee”. Two meanings here, time to re-connect, which is personally very important to me and a hopeful outcome of the whole quest, but also, reflective of humanity, which I find interesting….

Tangent: As if I had some sort of sixth sense this was all coming… I mean, I started cooking before it started. Why? Sixth Sense. I stopped going out places and got really comfortable being alone. Why? Sixth Sense. I severed many of my obligations and did not have any major plans to be disappointed by (also if you spend an entire year in the “Year of Nee” focus, you tend to get very comfortable with not having expectations, if that’s a good thing, I don’t know yet, still collecting data). Anyway, my point… perhaps there is a God, no that’s not the point of this…. that’s for another post.

Getting my point back on the road…. the second thing, The “Year of Wee” is about releasing the pendulum, heading down the other side of the mountain, choosing the slide instead of the stairs.

In conclusion. I hope we all enjoy the ride! Together.



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