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  • VHS Tapes EP

    VHS Tapes EP

    Sunday morning jams. The same beat deck. Felt like it’s own EP. Enjoy. Headphones recommended, careful with the volume.

  • The Year of Wee

    In 2019, I was texting my Dad on New Years Day “Happy New Year”. At the time I had my old iPhone SE the 6 in a 5’s body. Ya know how Apple like to do. I loved that phone, but texting was a total nightmare. Autocorrect had me saying all kinds of unintentional things,…

  • Suggestions please

  • Weird Feeling

    I just had this incredibly weird feeling around my life standing still from 2007-2017. Things happened, yes, great things, lots of things, I gained skills, I built family, but I feel like I stayed in one room all that time and never strayed and now, it’s like… I walked out of the room and I’m…

  • Mission Beach

    Lovely time getting out of the Arizona heat.

  • Twitter?

    I have mostly stayed away from twitter. I suppose I never fully understood it. However, I find it a great place to share music I’m listening to and small musings and quips. Doodles and art inspiration. It seems like a great digital scrapbook. Welcome to my scrapbook. Tweets by jackerstheshoe

  • I Adore This Song

  • Reflection

  • Birds & Broads West Coast Tour

    Follow our travels on our new Travel Blog:  

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