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  • This AWEsome Life

    This AWEsome Life

    Over the last week I traveled twice for student film shoots. Once to Tucson & once to Flagstaff. Both quick and easy day trips that took four hours round trip that make you realize, we are not as far from the rest of the world as we may think. The sights are gorgeous and you…

  • Expert Comic Timing

    I was in a play October/November of 2018 and got a review from Gil Benbrook. One day this experience and the affect it had on my life in all its gooey bits will be shared. For now. I am excited for 2019 and grateful for having a little more insight towards the greater goal (which…

  • Improv Now #2

    I have been very open about this to many people, friends mostly. Therefore, it might seem odd to others who perhaps used to see me around a lot and always on stage. I developed a strong sense of anxiety about improv. Not the performance aspect, but of the chains I wrapped around me to keep…

  • Camp Imrov Utopia

    Let me take you back to April of 2010. I was deep into Phoenix Improv Festival hospitality management – making sure that all our visiting troupes were checked into the Holiday Inn Express downtown. I had just said hello to my one of my favorite visiting improvisors Nick Armstrong in the hallway just beyond the…

  • Saturday Afternoon

  • Husband Quote

    “Keep it. Keep it for as long as you can.” ~ Sam Haldiman speaking in relationship to life going well.

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