• Golly… Finding Your Identity

    … I struggle with this topic and my interest in sharing with people. On one end, I don’t think it should be a big deal, but on another, it’s been a part of me my entire life, never truly addressed. It’s about my identity. Truthfully, I did label myself recently, but shortly after, I thought […]

  • Suggestions please

  • For Your Consideration

    Soundtrack to your next 1980s cop movie. king-fonk-2020-04-15-09-02-11.m4a

  • The Saga & Evolution of Oh Captian, My Captian

    This was a fun quarantine project, I have to say. There were some days where I couldn’t imagine putting on the wig or taking the time to write silly nautical digs. Once I was able to get over my own darn perfectionism I could have more fun with it, and let the moments strike me. […]

  • Doodles


    Enjoying the quick draw of my phone and went to Doodle City all day long.

  • My Beats

    Just getting started breath-breath-bang.m4a understood.m4a

  • The 2020 Post

    So it’s 2020 and another 10 years went by – In 1980 I turned 1. In 1990 I turned 11 and went into 6th grade. In 2000 I turned 21 and started my life in Arizona. In 2010 I turned 31 and was building an improv theater. In 2020, I will turn 41 this summer, […]

  • Happy Wednesday

    Photo Highlight. Phoenix, Arizona Sunrise.

  • Weird Feeling

    I just had this incredibly weird feeling around my life standing still from 2007-2017. Things happened, yes, great things, lots of things, I gained skills, I built family, but I feel like I stayed in one room all that time and never strayed and now, it’s like… I walked out of the room and I’m […]

  • Mission Beach

    Lovely time getting out of the Arizona heat.