Complex LP

I’m at a different place, I’m plateauing, seeking more versatility & growth, making the process more complex and heavily critical. I find myself nostalgic of just months ago when it was simpler, sillier, less important, easier & more fun. 🙂 Much of it is also relative to mood, mania & madness. As a creative form of expression, it’s only natural that I may connect to themes that are on my mind. Anyway, feels very different & also very familiar – in terms of the metaphorical creative cliff on the horizon of this plateau. Making the album art was fun, per usual, and much of the motivation in releasing this stuff. Per usual, headphones recommended and watch that volume. ❤

Track 1 – This Planet
Track 2 – I Like To Travel
Track 3 – Noah’s Specialized Menu
Track 4 – Get Rid of the Junk
Track 5 – Protection
Track 6 – Get Out If You Can
Track 7 – Generation X
Track 8 – Mistakes I Made
Track 9 – I’m a Collector
Track 10 – I’m Here Now
Track 11 – When the Monsoon Hits
Track 12 – Runnin’ toGe’to Church OnTime
Track 13 – The Gal Darn American Crisis
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