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  • Chains of Humanity

    Chains of Humanity

    Collection of songs since the last post. All in good fun.

  • Double LP

    Double LP

    Enjoy this Double LP – Songs from August-Present Day As always – headphones recommended and watch your volume levels. Bonus Tracks – 2nd Wind EP

  • Archeology LP

    Archeology LP

    and even more… As always – headphones recommended and watch your volume levels.

  • Grounded LP

    Grounded LP

    Another run of songs… Still celebrating content for contents sake. & leaning into the creative outlet for expression. As always – headphones recommended and watch your volume levels.

  • Complex LP

    Complex LP

    I’m at a different place, I’m plateauing, seeking more versatility & growth, making the process more complex and heavily critical. I find myself nostalgic of just months ago when it was simpler, sillier, less important, easier & more fun. 🙂 Much of it is also relative to mood, mania & madness. As a creative form…

  • Heaven LP

    Heaven LP

    A Collection of songs since Monday. Per usual, headphones recommended, watch your volume. 😉 Enjoy. For the first time I made songs after the album was created. Interesting pressure. hehe

  • Metal Bread EP

    Metal Bread EP

    Again, best with earbuds, or headphones, & watch that volume level, I’ll try to get better at not recording them so hot! There’s just so much creativity burning… Youch!

  • VHS Tapes EP

    VHS Tapes EP

    Sunday morning jams. The same beat deck. Felt like it’s own EP. Enjoy. Headphones recommended, careful with the volume.

  • Rummikub | First LP

    Rummikub | First LP

    I recommend headphones, and be careful they get loud. Start on low volume to find the right fit for you. Enjoy my first full LP made over the course of this Friday & Saturday. Like any album, there’s only a couple bangers… My favs – Rummikub the Title Track & My Mind. I also lost…

  • What’s Weird EP

    What’s Weird EP

    Truth here – Track 3 didn’t save…. title track “What’s Weird”, what’s weird is that the song was about conspiracies, power, & controlling fear, so I ask… is this a conspiracy?

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