• Rummikub | First LP

    Rummikub | First LP

    I recommend headphones, and be careful they get loud. Start on low volume to find the right fit for you. Enjoy my first full LP made over the course of this Friday & Saturday. Like any album, there’s only a couple bangers… My favs – Rummikub the Title Track & My Mind. I also lost […]

  • What’s Weird EP

    What’s Weird EP

    Truth here – Track 3 didn’t save…. title track “What’s Weird”, what’s weird is that the song was about conspiracies, power, & controlling fear, so I ask… is this a conspiracy?

  • Pest Control EP

    Pest Control EP

    Took an hour to make a few silly songs – decided to wrap them up with an album cover. Track 1 – Pest Control Track 2 – Is This the Street? Track 3 – Dress Like A Man Track 4 – Coming Out of The Darkness Track 5 – We’re All Gonna Sign Up

  • For my second EP

    For my second EP

    Two more ditties.

  • New Bangers | First EP

    New Bangers  | First EP

    Two songs from the same beat deck. Was able to create different tempos at least.

  • Well… How Did I Get Here?

    Most of the things I use today have been self taught. My college education – gave me a dash of Statistics (one class early morning, I only remember because I disliked mornings in college) I remember doing things like calculating percentages of people who bought certain items in a grocery store, to establish demographics for […]

  • A Bit of Romance

    Eli and Annie are sitting on a small balcony about five stories up in a boutique hotel in the Le Marais neighborhood of Paris. They can see the Pompidou from this vantage point and the sun is setting over the rooftops. They finished a quiet and romantic dinner and are snuggled together sipping wine. Eli […]

  • The Year of Wee

    In 2019, I was texting my Dad on New Years Day “Happy New Year”. At the time I had my old iPhone SE the 6 in a 5’s body. Ya know how Apple like to do. I loved that phone, but texting was a total nightmare. Autocorrect had me saying all kinds of unintentional things, […]

  • Don’t Mind Me

    Don’t Mind Me

    Don’t Mind Me by Jacqueline Arend There are moments where I can’t bear it. There is so much inside of me, so many different feelings, thoughts, ideas pulling and tugging at my being. Working through these moments are a blessing… so don’t mind me. A friend asked me recently if I’ve always been conscious, “woke”, […]

  • IMOJI – Improvising with Bitmojis

    IMOJI – Improvising with Bitmojis

    A new Hot Mess project.