My Record Obsession

This is a new thing, fairly new, less than a years in hand, just over a year in thought – and I would be withholding a great mighty detail if I didn’t share that Martin Freeman had a major to do on this new joy of my life. I grew up with a record player and my dad kept a few amazing records that shaped my taste for music. Music is a thing, and although always a part of my life, never the life saver that others speak so highly of. However, in 2017 I felt as though I woke up a little, as if I had jumped on a train to stop at a certain station of my life and I fell asleep. Now I’ve gone too far and I have to figure out who I am in this new undiscovered land of my life. When I woke up on this train, I realized the feeling I had, the adventure, joy and excitement of the life I was living had the volume turned down, while I was maybe, taking life too seriously. Anyway, through the rabbit hole of the internet and a small interest in the question; “who is Martin Freeman” I found many interviews, etc on his love for music and his record collection. Due to similar tastes in music I started to listen to music more, spent more time dancing and singing and overall – smiling, taking in life from my tippy toes more. I found myself longing for a record player and the opportunity to get away from digital playlists and back to the experience of discovering an album and the hands on joy of touching the music as one does with a record. And my husband, as amazing as he is, listening to me for six months, knowing Martin Freeman inspired it and bought me my first ever record player for my 39th Birthday last year. As a general collector of things, I took to building my record collection pretty quickly and now, with Sam’s help – we have a nice base collection. I keep up with a wish list and can’t wait to add more while also staying mindful of over indulging. In due time and with little to no financial concern. Happy listening to all you other music & vinyl lovers out there. I post a lot of random & some re-occurring stuff (like cats), but often vinyl – follow @goldtoothe on instagram.


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