Working for Tips.

I find the most of my stress is centered around money. Which is what makes waiting tables the worst income choice for me. I have been doing that job for a long time as I started with the same company that I work for today in 2001. As a twenty something with little to no responsibilities (mainly debt), I found it to be suitable, I lived day to day and it was fun and unstable in the best possible way. Now as I have gotten older, married and thinking about my future – mainly growing a family – it’s close to difficult to be happy with the outcome of working for tips every day. There are a billion things I could remind myself – for example – things always work out and bills always get paid, but still every day there is an expectation I place and almost every day it is unmet. I am fully aware this is easily controlled by lowering my expectations or placing less stake in them. Yet, I want the best for myself and whether it be how I’m treated, how I’m tipped or how well I deal with the crazy frenetic lifestyle that comes in hand with that business I get so disappointed in how I walk away from my job. Upset. I’ve talked for a couple years now about finding a different job, something I can be motivated by and stand behind. Truth is, The Torch Theatre is that job, unfortunately it’s not something to build an income off of and I’m okay with that. Yet, to devout the amount of time to that and the pleasures it bring to life, my current job and current reputation within it allows me to be successful without pay. It’s hard to give it up when I can shrug away every day with something better. Now, in wrapping this back around to the beginning of my post – for someone who stresses out about financial security, I’ve really made a challenging life for myself. In the bigger spectrum – I am still fortunate in so many ways and I will forever work on my attitude so I don’t let myself down for feeling let down.

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