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  • Hot Mess Onto The Next Thing

    Over the course of the last couple weeks – everyday Hot Mess gave you a taste of a few ladies: The Designer, The Sisters, The Tough One, The Strange One and The Thinker. We definitely enjoyed creating, exploring those characters and sharing our inspired improvisations off of welcomed questions from our Facebook followers. The first…

  • Wiggin’ Out w/ Hot Mess

    We three gals started two years ago as a travel group – a solution to making it into an Improv Festival. That was fun, we did a few shows and got into the Pittsburgh improv festival. After achieving our goal we slightly fizzled out mainly to focus on projects of more priority. However, we found…

  • Camp Imrov Utopia

    Let me take you back to April of 2010. I was deep into Phoenix Improv Festival hospitality management – making sure that all our visiting troupes were checked into the Holiday Inn Express downtown. I had just said hello to my one of my favorite visiting improvisors Nick Armstrong in the hallway just beyond the…

  • Saturday Afternoon

  • That one time . . .

    JaxN Reed played with Craig Cackowski  

  • MOB Throwback –

    7 Minutes in Heaven – Mail Order Bride Sex Ed   Sexual Education Remastered

  • MuChuChu – 2012 Improv Highlight

    There is nothing better than trust on stage. Patience and risk taking, no fear.

  • Mail Order Bride promo – circa 2007

    Back in the early days of Mail Order Bride, when we were younger and motivated. This group has done a ton for me as a person, as a woman and as an improvisor. I wouldn’t trade one minute of my time with these women. Life changes and things evolve. It is good to honor memories…

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