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  • Happy Wednesday

    Photo Highlight. Phoenix, Arizona Sunrise.

  • Once Upon A Summer In Chicago

    In 2005 I was turning 26. The prior few years I had been meandering through life. Before the year began my summer in Chicago was planned & paid. Life changing. It was a Nee Year. It was my late coming of age summer.  

  • JaxN Reed

    Our good friend Mindy Keeling gave us a photo shoot at SDIF 2018 in the Beautiful Lafayette hotel back in February.

  • Travel in Style

    I am sold on high speed business class train travel. Bring it on!

  • Thank You Peter Serafinowicz

    Thank You Peter Serafinowicz

    For letting me be a total geek! I have not really met anyone of significance before in regards to those sorts of famous people you love and admire to know what meeting one would actually feel like. At least not since I was a young teen and forced the Pharaoh from Joseph & The Amazing…

  • Crafty Nuisance has Gone Public

    Crafty Nuisance has Gone Public

    My very first sketch class that I instructed. It was scary, exciting and rewarding – it took a long time to get these projects complete. But here they are now. ENJOY!  

  • Camp Imrov Utopia

    Let me take you back to April of 2010. I was deep into Phoenix Improv Festival hospitality management – making sure that all our visiting troupes were checked into the Holiday Inn Express downtown. I had just said hello to my one of my favorite visiting improvisors Nick Armstrong in the hallway just beyond the…

  • And now –

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