The Saga & Evolution of Oh Captian, My Captian

This was a fun quarantine project, I have to say. There were some days where I couldn’t imagine putting on the wig or taking the time to write silly nautical digs. Once I was able to get over my own darn perfectionism I could have more fun with it, and let the moments strike me. It was a great little exercise in writing for a character and trying to lock onto a specific vocal accent. I decided to make Oh Captain, My Captain pratey, but also Irish, and if you watch all the videos, the accent is a real wok in progress, and changes with every video. As easy as it is for me as an improvisor to apply a voice to my character work, accents scare the bejeezus out of me. My ear will catch a mistake, I don’t quite get the pronunciation right or my tongue is in the wrong place of my mouth and I am immediately aware that I am failing, I am instantly dragged from the moment and feel defeated. It’s an interesting look at failure and how we treat it, how we view the stakes and how much importance we put on succeeding. Learning and perfecting accents are a journey, much like like life and we can perhaps expect that it would take lots of dedicated time to be perfect, if such a thing were to exist. Don’t have to let the process of failing at it hold you back from sharing  your work, because your attempts at growth are the only way to make this life you have, a rich and satisfying one. And… you might just inspire another along the way to do the same. And… failing is actually fun! When the stakes are clear, when you realize it’s actually celebrating your courage and unique gifts, it’s fun to entertain, to perform, to be seen. It’s fun to prove to others that we can continue to get up again and again and again. “Aye! Every journey has a battle, and right now i’m winning!”


Hot Mess Onto The Next Thing

Over the course of the last couple weeks – everyday Hot Mess gave you a taste of a few ladies: The Designer, The Sisters, The Tough One, The Strange One and The Thinker. We definitely enjoyed creating, exploring those characters and sharing our inspired improvisations off of welcomed questions from our Facebook followers.

The first round of Hot Mess characters – under the Wiggin’ Out playlist was truly our first attempt at anything. Just a simple goal – with fun exploration – just to see if we can follow through with something and maintain interest within ourselves without the constructs of life narrowing the path.

…And we did – we put some stuff up, some good, some bad, some great …But it was only just the beginning for Hot Mess. We have more in store and so we moved onto the next chapter in Hot Mess content.

Today we announce DUDEin’ Out w/ Hot Mess.

One thing we did notice about our second round of fully improvised answers to random questions based on minimal gifts to a character, how much it allowed them to be discovered in the moment – as the interview progressed. I can look back on it now and see that with our first Wiggin’ Out characters – however, we were more comfortable and excited about that process this time, led to a lot of wonderful moments of just character behavior. We’re having fun and we hope you enjoy some too!