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Actor | Improvisor | Comedian

Instructor | Coach


I look back on my first 40 years of life and think, hell, that was fun. I grew a lot, I like who I am. I am curious, kind and loyal. I am a striving actor, a constant artist, a hardworking employee and a wanderer. I am someone who isn’t perfect and that’s okay.

In 2005 I found improvisation by attending a five week intensive at Chicago’s iO. This was done on a whim and a drive to spend a summer in the Windy City. During that summer I got to watch the most amazing improvisors performing at that time, The Reckoning, TJ & Dave, and countless other amazing performers who were around. I feel very honored to have spent that exact summer in Chicago. The thrill of watching some of these talented and experienced performers improvise hooked me and I knew then – I wanted to be that good. The Improv passion was ignited. Everything else that happened after that summer was because of improv. And so – now 2021, I have so much to show for it.

pinupWhat’s next… well, most of my life, I’d been afraid to confront what truly was next. A few years ago, Improv stepped aside so I could focus on myself. I made room for different parts of me and reacquainted myself with who I am, who I was and who I wanted to be. I did this with more courage than every before. This personal work revived my spirit, added specificity to my wants, and helped me love myself. In the wake of a new revolution we can only look ahead. Onward to more; fun, life and adventure!


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Jacque Arend – World Traveler

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Jacque Arend – Website Designer

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